CDC Self checker

The latest update on the EUA is dated 29th July and contains 92 entries.

This list contains NON-NIOSH respiratory devices that are allowed for use under the umbrella EUA for use during the COVID-19 Pandemic

What to look for

The majority of Personal Protective Equipment available is manufactured in China. And when the first wave of CoV-19 cases started to hit the New York Metropolitan area people were scrambling to obtain any form of FFR available, preferably N95s.

With stockpiles that should cover months being burnt in days, people took to the place they have come to know: the online marketplace.

Within days, online sales channels filled with sources straight from manufacturers at price levels that are to be considered criminal.

But desperate times, take desperate measures. And although it brings out the good in people, it also brings the very worst out.

We dedicate ourselves to providing information, available goods and t realistic prices and supply rates.  Quite frankly if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

In this particular case that weeds out about 65% of what’s available. How can you verify the remaining 35%?